Program Recordings

Opening remarks from James Cimino, MD (UAB), along with the first technical talk session of the program from the following speakers: Elliot Lefkowitz, PhD (UAB); Ryan Miller, MD, PhD (UAB); Jake Chen, PhD (UAB); Mark Chaisson, PhD (University of Southern California); Degui Zhi, PhD (University of Texas, Health Science Center [Houston])

Keynote speaker Ting Wang, Ph.D., Professor of Genetics and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering (Washington University in St. Louis) provides a presentation on Transposable Elements and Epigenome Evolution.

Various speakers provide insight on their career development journeys, as well as insight and tips for prospective informaticians. The speakers are: Aik Choon Tan, Ph.D., Vice Chair, Professor and Senior Member, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (Moffitt Cancer Center) Chen Su, Ph.D., Senior Director (Enterprise High Performance Computing, Eli Lilly and Company) Chindo Hicks, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics (Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center) Ann Loraine, Ph.D., Professor of Bioinformatics (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)

Trainee Flash Talk Presentations are provided by the following speakers:

Ari Ginsparg (UAB), “Informatics to Unleash the Power of Biomedical Big Data: Genetic, EHR, and Imaging” Luis Paulin, Ph.D. (Baylor College of Medicine), “Comprehensive Structural Variant Detection: From Population to Mosaic Level” Christopher Grochowski (Baylor College of Medicine), “Complex-Inverted Genomic Triplication Structures: Two Breakpoint Junctions, Several Possibilities” Radomir Slominski, Ph.D. (UAB), “A Case Study of Functional Genomics Downstream Analysis with the PAGER Web App” Emma Graffice (UAB), “Studying Medically Relevant Bacterial Propagation Through Prospective Multimodal Analysis of Clinical Isolates” Thanh Ming Nguyen, Ph.D. (UAB), “Autoencoder Finds Novel Cardiomyocyte Clusters Contributing to Cardiac Regeneration from Single-cell Data”

Keynote speaker Roel Veerhaak, Ph.D. provides a presentation on Extrachromosomal DNA Amplifications in Cancer Genomes.

The second technical talk session of the ATTIS program is conducted by the following speakers: Andrzej T. Slominski, M.D., Ph.D., Department of Dermatology (UAB), “Recent Advances in Vitamin D Signaling: New Opportunities for Computational Biology” Claudia M.B. Carvalho Fonseca, Ph.D., Assistant Investigator (Pacific Northwest Research Institute), “Investigating the Mutational Features of Pathogenic Structural Variants in Genomic Disorders Using Long-Read Sequencing and Optical Mapping” Leng Han, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Texas A&M Institute of Biosciences and Technology), “Harnessing Big Data for Precision Oncology” Maizie Zhou, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Vanderbilt University), “Methods for Characterizing Structural Variants with High-throughput Sequencing Data” Vanderbilt University Xu Wang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Auburn University), “Singlecell Transcriptome Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid Identifies Circulating Tumor Cells of Lung Cancer Brain Metastases”